How to Feel and Look Younger

Look and feel younger

Have you looked in the mirror lately? A full frontal and side view? Really close? If you don’t like what you see and want to improve your physical appearance while feeling better overall, you can. Doing so is easy and fun. The way you do it just takes a willingness to change some of your less than healthful habits and then go ahead by replacing them with new ones. What’s the secret? 

Thanks to a steady barrage of commentary by talking heads on television and articles by “experts” in weekend editions of newspapers and magazines, most of us are aware that enjoying good health has a lot to do with specific habits of nutrition and exercise. The big challenge is to find enough time in the day to do all the things required to fulfill these habits. Part of this challenge is actually being willing to find the time to get all these things done in addition to everything else you have to do. Sometimes, on certain days, it may not be possible to find the time required. But good health is obtained over months and years and what’s needed is a long-term plan to achieve goals of healthy nutrition and regular, vigorous exercise. A critical starting point is determining your basic needs and knowing the minimum requirements for good health.

Many studies have examined these minimum requirements, concluding that 30 minutes of regular exercise, five days per week, is sufficient to obtain multiple health benefits. Both the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine recommend that as a regimen.


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People who engage in such a consistent exercise program find that they’re not only fitter and trimmer, but they are sleeping better, have increased concentration during the day, and have an improved outlook on life. Oh yeah, nocturnal bedroom performance is enhanced as well. More importantly, those who exercise regularly have a significantly decreased risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Thus, the long-term impact and benefit of exercise on our health is profound.


However, there is a great chasm between knowing and DOING. Everyone knows that exercise is important. But almost three-quarters of adults do not get enough physical activity to meet public health recommendations. The immediate result is that almost one-third of American adults are overweight and over one-third are obese. Worldwide, more than 1.4 billion adults are overweight and the chronic disease statistics frightening. You do not want to end up as another negative statistic, do you?


The missing link is personal motivation and the key action step is to get started. Exercise has a way of carrying you along. Once you begin and successfully fight the battle of inertia and lethargy to make it through a couple of weeks of consistent exercise, you’ll find that you want to do it again the next day. The struggle to find time seems to fade into the background as you become a person who exercises and gradually you will include more vigorous activity. You’ll likely discover that your life is being transformed in numerous, wonderful ways.


Exercise 30 minutes per day to feel younger.Thirty minutes of exercise, five days a week, is the key. You can do more or less, but meeting the minimum requirement is the main goal. The choice of exercise is up to you and 15 minutes should be a bare minimum time to do them. There are no firm guidelines regarding what kinds of activities to do. For many a good approach is to mix and match, alternating cardiovascular days with strength training days. Cardiovascular exercise includes walking, running, swimming, cycling, and cross-country skiing. Similarly, strength training can be done in a variety of ways. Mixing in some Yoga is fun and both physical, mentally challenging, and will reduce stress levels. Overall, there’s no right formula to use in developing your personal exercise program – what works for you, works for YOU. What to focus on is getting it done – 15 to 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

Look- the simple fact is you cannot out-train a poor diet. But you really do need to exercise regularly to age well and to function in your truly “Golden Years”. Claim your FREE e-book and start moving on a regular basis. It really is the secret to feeling and looking better.

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