10 Things to STOP Feeling Old

Death Happens Golden GeezersDeath and taxes are said to be the only certain things in life. For sure, but add one more thing- you’re going to get old. Worse, the aches and pains, lower energy levels, and stiff joints are said to be inevitable as well. Let the incognocenti jabber all they wish ‘cuz it ain’t true!

News flash!!! The aging process is controllable and there is NO need to be overweight, suffer chronic diseases, mental decline, and become totally dependent. GoldenGeezers.com believes it totally possible “to live a long life without getting old.” Age is a measure of time, not ability, so it is possible to avoid feeling your age. The onset of physical and mental effects with advancing can be prolonged or by-passed altogether. Here’s how.

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10 Ways to Empower Yourself


  1. Stop making disastrous dietary decisions:make a conscious decision to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Try eating more slowly and savor each bite of your food. Select foods that are located along the perimeter of the grocery store or supermarket rather than the aisles. Avoid packaged and prepared meals. Sugary products are a no-no.
  1. Start a program of regular physical activity:by not using your muscles regularly you invite chronic diseases to invade your weakening body. Do elementary body weight exercises in the privacy of your home and advance the challenges as your body permits. Also mind your posture- no slouching, please. Stand tall with your shoulders back and your head erect. Attempt to walk 30 minutes daily or increments thereof at a brisk pace.
  2. Reduce and contain stress:high levels of stress elevate the level of cortisol which causes inflammation and pain, and a reduced rate of metabolism with accompanying weight gain. Identify those things which cause you stress, learn to anticipate them, and how to isolate or mange them. Become calmer and focused by breathing deeply, meditating, and practicing yoga. These techniques all provide positive mind-body intervention without drugs,
  3. Give up smoking:quitting this habit is one of the best things you can do for your body. on Day-1, your heart rate will slow down, your blood pressure lowered, and  dangerous levels of carbon dioxide returned to normal. Within two (2) days you will reduce your risk of a heart attack and continue to decline and on Day-3 you will notice an increase in energy. Year-1 will see a risk reduction by 50% of coronary disease and Year-2 and on your fifth anniversary reduced the risk of a stroke by one-half. In ten (10) years your lungs have become stronger and purer and death by lung cancer reduced by one-half, as well.
  4. Avoid consuming alcohol to excess:researchers find that alcohol consumption in small amounts is actually beneficial for good health. Limiting yourself to no more than two (2) drinks daily is deemed okay but more than that has the drawbacks of alcohol exceeding the benefits. Alcohol consumption contributes to weight gain due to excess calories you don’t need. Alcohol makes your liver work overtime through a process called oxidation and neglects thereby neglecting other important functions, including producing two hormones that keep your blood pressure in a normal range.
  5. Cease using chemical contaminants:you don’t have much control over the out of doors environment but you should be cautious regarding your exposure to chemicals inside your home. Use products that are more environmentally friendly and that don’t burn or otherwise harm you. Invest in a water filter regardless of what the local water department officials may say. You’ll be removing chlorine, if nothing else.
  6. Increase your mental stimulation: mental neglect runs close to physical non-use as a factor making you feel old. Using your mind is important and prolonged gazing at the “boob-tube” will not stimulate the brain. Instead, read a few chapters in a book, tackle a crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper, or get a hobby. Just keep working that all important muscle- the brain.
  7. Make an attitude adjustment:do not underestimate the power of the mind. Yes, you want to do everything for your loved ones but you cannot play “Mr. Fix-it” for everything. Get over any guilt feelings or sense of guilt- they just lower your self-esteem. If the itty-bitty, crappy-committee is working overtime in your head, swap negative emotions with positive affirmations. For example, “I have offered support and advice to such-and-such but there is nothing more I can actually do.”
  8. Question pill-popping:presents a big problem for too many adults; one that only get worse with age. Medications (both prescription and over-the-counter), while helpful for managing certain conditions, may end up doing more harm than good in the long run. Know what you’re taking and why you’re taking it. Ask your physician if you can safely reduce the dosage or even get off of it. Seek other all-natural homeopathic remedies that cannot hurt your precious body.
  9. Make the odds even:you may not be able to alter your genetic code, but you can take steps to reduce the impact of any detrimental genes. Take the time to investigate your family history and understand what deficiency may exist in the gene pool- you don’t want to drown there. Then, make whatever changes to your lifestyle required so as to overcome your unique set of inherited shortcomings or faults.


There is NO magic bullet that can cure aging, no miracle longevity-increasing regimen that one and all can follow to never experience the symptoms of chronic disease. However, by making incremental changes, although small, you can improve your physical and mental well-being regardless of the number of candles you have to blow out on your birthday cake.

Grow older but feel young.


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