Stress Management

Most men feel overwhelmed and drained by the pressures of endless demands of work, family, and life. They become stressed and lack the energy to really enjoy life and the various aspects of it. The rapid pace at which our modern world moves and changes is constantly fueled by more mechanization and new technology which keeps us constantly on the move and under pressure. You may believe you’re maintaining your health because there is NO visible evidence of anything wrong with your health but chances are you’d be wrong.

Stress is inescapable. No one can live without experiencing some amount of stress all of the time. Crossing a busy intersection, exposure to a draft, or even sheer joy are enough to activate the body’s stress mechanism. Of course, your body must be prepared to take it but the same stress which makes one person sick can be an invigorating experience for another.

The only way to get rid of all stress in our lives is to die- there is no other choice. You can grow, thrive, and heal despite the stress in your life or be reduced by it to illness and disease. It has often been said that stress is one of the most destructive elements in your life. Causes of stress can be as simple as a speck of pollen in your nose, as complex as a first date, or as dramatic as facing major surgery.

What Happens When You Face Stress?

  • First, your body quickly prepares itself for confrontation. This is the “call to arms” or alarm reaction. Messages stream from your brain to your endocrine- hormonal- system in a “fight or flight” response. If the stress stops, you revert to normal.
  • Second, if the stress continues, you go into a stage of resistance. Your body attempts to adapt to the stress. So it puts up barricades and other obstacles. You either run from or fight the threat causing the body to tense your muscles and you raise you temperature as you struggle to prevail.
  • Third, if the stress continues, you may pass into a state of exhaustion. Your body cannot continue indefinitely to be primed for action. Your body falls prey to anxiety, ill-health, and chronic disease.

Among the techniques used for stress reduction are deep-breathing, muscle relaxation, and meditation. Additionally, the ancient practice of YOGA has been found to provide these same benefits in a healthful way while actually providing an element of fun into your life.