What is Pain?

Envision pain as being “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage.” Sensitivity to pain varies from individual to individual and often with extreme differences. What may only cause minor discomfort to one person can be felt as excruciating pain by another. Additionally, past experience with a painful injury or an illness can influence your sensitivity to pain.

Pain and the nerves

Pain is useful in the sense that it serves as a warning. Touching a hot potato will burn your hand unless you set it down quickly. There are other forms of pain such as arthritis or a migraine headache. Seemingly useless, its persistence can overwhelm you. And, pain knows NO age limit-it affects you from infancy to the grave.

Chronic pain is a topic that we’ll not approach here other than to say, if you suffer from it, seek competent medical advice. Just understand that pain, regardless of where felt is most often caused by an inflammation in that area. Understanding some basic mechanisms associated with pain will better help you to you can take control of it and its harmful effects.

Your Nervous System

The anatomy of a nerve.The nervous system is composed of nerve cells and fibers that transmit and receive messages. These are in the form of electrical currents and chemical interactions. Your body and brain communicate through this intricate web of cells. Just remember that it is through these cells that everything happens to you and for you.

There are two (2) main components of your nervous system; your brain and your spinal column. Peripheral nerves extend from the spinal column to your skin, muscles, and internal organs. There are three (3) main categories of nerves:

  1. Autonomic nerves- maintain normal body functions such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, perspiration, and sexual activity.
  2. Motor nerves- responsible for the movement of your muscles which allow you to move your hands and your feet, to sit or to walk.
  3. Sensory nerves- allow you to feel an object when you touch it but also allow you to feel pain.

Your Pain Response

A pain message may be sent to your brain in any number of ways. However, two (2) things generally determine how you respond to them:

  1. The physical sensation associated with those messages and,
  2. Your individual characteristics regarding response.

Anatomy of a cellWithout identifying them by name, please understand that here are three (3) areas in your brain that will influence how you respond to the pain. Even though you are a unique individual, the component parts of your body are made up of the same basic building block- the cellIt is the cell that is formed and is nourished by the food you eat. So from the hair on your head to your toenails, it is cells that provide the material to make them. Therefore, what you eat and how your body reacts to those victuals is very important. Food can cause inflammation and thus causing pain and

The Connected GI Blues

Where? In your gut, of course, but the pain you feel can me a pain manifesting itself elsewhere. Dietary injuries due to food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities will also trigger a significant immune system compromise or non-immune system compromise response causing significant inflammation within the gut. With repeated exposure to certain foods the gut lining becomes compromised, leading to what’s called a leaky gut. The normally tight cellular junctions in the gut wall become compromised and allow entry of foreign invaders and larger food particles into the blood stream. Moreover, because the gut is compromised in a constant state of inflammation, it is not able to optimally process and extract vital nutrients from the good foods being consumed.

impotence and smokingThe resulting combination of ingestion of inflammatory foods can lead to increased systemic inflammation. The immune system, and your whole body, has to expend a considerable amount of resources to battle against toxins, inflammatory foods, and true foreign invaders, now that the barrier of defense is compromised. This leads to pain being felt in areas other than your stomach.

An additional effect that may occur is what is commonly referred to as Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Any inflammation that may cause stoppage of blood flow to the male member will bring on the symptoms associated with ED. The good news is there is a centuries old aid to bring joy to you and your partner.

Pain Relief Plus

Since some pain you feel may be caused by food, regardless of its quality, you should seek to get relief from all-natural products. We are pleased to be associated with Cloud Forest Botanicals whose products are made in the highlands of the Republic of Panama. Their many products have all-natural ingredients that have been used for centuries to relieve or cure many ailments.

These curatives come in a liquid form or tincture for ease of dosage and the immediacy of their effects. To help you with the problem of pain from an unidentifiable source, tinctures may prove to be the perfect solution for you.

Liquid Health with tinctures and botanicals.For suspected or known issues emanating from the stomach recommends starting with Gut Health and Ultra Turmeric. If difficulties exist with getting and/or maintaining an erection, then also get Ashwangandha Root which has aided men for hundreds of years, now in E-Z to take tincture form.

Start feeling tip-top. You can get relief from pain and be a better you.

Get a winning combination of relief from the “Cloud Forest”.

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