Self Discipline The Missing Ingredient

Self Discipline

Self Discipline for Health

Do you want to boost your overall productivity, sharpen your focus, and successfully complete all of your tasks? The amount of apps, books, online classes, and other self-help means are a constant lure to help you accomplish these goals. All of them combined are not enough to. When real change is to occur, it comes from within. Real change requires self-discipline and action. Imagine yourself becoming sharp as a dart and twice as fast. Bullseye!

Self-discipline starts with will power. When you want to accomplish something, you absolutely have to do it. Living by the motto Just do it may sound easy enough but when it comes time to actually do it, well, things change. It is essential that you work beyond hesitation, lots of doubt, and fear of failure.

Achieving greater self-discipline takes practice and it will not come overnight. It is imperative that you do so; your life depends on it. Here are three things you can put into practice right now that will put you on the path to greater self-discipline.

Remove Distractions Don’t just put your smart phone on silent- SHUT IT OFF. Then, put it away. Your life is filled with distractions and you waste hours each day dealing with them. Identify your distractions and be prepared to ignore them. Focus instead on those projects which are most dear to you and staying alive has to be one of them.

Eat Healthy When you eat poorly or skip meals, you sacrifice will power later. Poor dietary choices directly affect your ability to focus. So when your blood sugar drops, you are more likely to make poor decisions. And, chances are good that you may choose a sugary or carb-loaded snack over a healthier alternative. Or, you may succumb to some other impulses which lead to lost productivity, binge eating or worse.

Lowered blood sugar very often leads to mood swings which can have a negative or damaging impact on your personal relationships. Keep a few healthy snacks like nuts, fresh fruit or carrot sticks on hand. They will keep your mood elevated, judgement clear, and your body happy.

Reward Yourself As you achieve greater self-discipline, take the opportunity for positive reinforcement. You have demonstrated superior will power and you should reward yourself. Buy a new pair of slacks, take a weekend trip, or spend additional time on a pleasant activity. They all recognize your accomplishment when you celebrate yourself. You can bet on it.

A Guide to Self-Discipline and Longevity

It takes a lot of discipline to continuously be conscious of your personal health and well-being and have a plan to consciously follow. Any action steps you may take affect your lifestyle and alter your habits. Just think, however, that you are taking the steps to ensure a longer life, as free of pain and suffering as possible. Think, too, that you are preserving your freedom and independence by prolonging the time you are able to care for yourself.

You have most likely seen and elder man struggle to get up out of a chair or to put on a jacket or the myriad other movements that are part of daily living. Being able to achieve the acts of daily living with facility is what functional aging is all about. Without the ability to function means a loss of independence.

Look- we all wish we had good health. A wish without a plan is nothing more than a dream. You must plan to live a long life without getting old. can provide you with a complete plan. The M-Power program was scientifically produced to give you maximum results with relative ease. It is a roadmap for a lifetime of healthy activity.

Golden Geezers M-PowerWith M-Power, you can easily focus on the three main areas for good health:

  1. Diet and Nutrition
  2. Fitness and Exercise
  3. Stress Management

To learn more and to get started on the road to healthy living, go to:

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