Athletes and You

Stop watching so much TV, Move instead. You most likely irritated your wife or significant other while going goggle-eyed and watching all the college football games during Christmas Week. Ditto New Year’s Day. Now comes the NFL playoffs and B-ball season is hot, too. You marvel at the players’ athleticism but fail to realize the endless hours of time they put into daily practice. But for most of us, just finding 20 minutes a day to exercise is an impressive feat.

That’s why we believe in the KISS philosophy and keep things simple. Hey! Expensive gym or spa membership is unnecessary. Forget about the expensive “of-little-benefit” equipment you see on late night TV. And, if you can do the Mad Max exercise routines you see on the tube without having a heart attack you should not be reading this post. Simply follow our three part program and you’ll be set for a lifetime of health and fitness success.

For Openers

  • Pick the right program.
    Your training must match where you want to go. Ask yourself: What are your goals?

Your training, we call it practice must be in sync with your goals. At your age you are probably not planning to enter a triathlon. If you are, then running, swimming, and biking are for you. If you’re like most aging gentlemen and want to lose some body weight or control it, then a mixture of strength training, some cardio, and flexibility are for you.


BTW, high-intensity drills done over the weekend will not undo five days of doing nothing. It will most likely make you a candidate for a tube of Ben-Gay. You need to get in the habit of regular exercise, yoga, and stress management to live the healthy lifestyle.


  • Take your time getting in shape.
    Athletes torch
    You cannot expect to see changes overnight. It takes 8 to 12 years to build an Olympian or one of the pros in any sport that you enjoy watching on TV or from the stands. “Six Days to a Six Pack” ads are so much marketing bunk and even our 90-day transformation is possible only if you are willing to follow the program to a ‘T’.

The longer you take to get into shape, the longer you’ll stay in shape. Practice a little every day over the long haul and you’ll get the desired result. More importantly, you’ll avoid injuries which will set you back on time with your goal and you won’t burn out.


  • Place importance on the beginning and end of your workout. 
    You need not always do a warm-up and a cool-down. You should when practicing strength training using body-weight exercises we recommend. On the days that you practice YOGA or do stretches only, that won’t be necessary. Mixing it up keeps you healthy and prevents boredom. The big bonus is that you’ll get to work different muscles and muscle groups.
  • Train for volume before intensity.
    Sweating for health.You are not a machine and you certainly are not 22 years old. You cannot perform at peak intensity all the time. That will lead to injuries and burn-out. Just go through your drills and practice them daily at a moderate pace as determined by your body. Always listen to your body talk to you. Then, once you’re in good physical condition, once or twice a month ramp up the intensity with plenty of rest afterward.

Let’s Begin

Starting something new is always difficult. If you really want to begin to lead a healthier lifestyle and begin doing physical exercise on a regular basis, the step #1 is dedicating a portion of your day every day to becoming and staying fit. That commitment is an absolute necessity.

Please take advantage of the information contained in our FREE e-book and get started immediately. It starts very simply but you will accustom yourself to regular exercise. Where you go from there is totally up to you.

Get into gear- get moving- get the FREE e-book. You’ll begin to look and feel better. You’ll feel better about yourself.

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