Dedicated to the Mature Gentleman. is dedicated to you, the gentleman age 55 years and older. Golden Geezers is about coaching men to win on life’s playing field. We partner with you so that you can make it to the finish line functionally fit, independent, and relatively pain-free! Remember: Happiness does not come from idleness but from working at a task you will come to enjoy and which will enable you to keep up with your grandchildren or a dancing star on TV.

You are at a point where you were and where you are yet to be. You have a choice as to where you wish to focus your attention. can help re-design your body with NO special equipment needed. can help guide you onto a path for greater vim and vigor. can help to provide you with internal peace and tranquility that reduces or eliminates you body’s inflammation that causes mental anguish and physical pain. At the end of 30-days you will amaze yourself, your family, and friends. We challenge you to a new beginning without any risk.

Go ahead – Enjoy a long life without growing old!


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Nutritional Weight Control

Start on a path to weight control with nutritional eating today!
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Movement for Good Health

Movement is essential for good health!
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   Diet & Nutrition

The need to fuel the body by eating properly is very important. You cannot out train a poor diet. Start eating more whole foods and less of the processed foods that have become so much of your under-nourishment.

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Fitness & Exercise

We all normally think that we should exercise more than we do, but to maintain a great high-level of fitness exercise is crucial. It helps us maintain healthy blood sugars, good mental health, and good body weight.

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Stress Management

Many men feel drained and lack the energy to really enjoy life due to the pressures of the endless demands of work, family, and life. The rapid pace of our modern world, fueled by mechanization and technology, exerts constant pressure.

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